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Banka craft genuine leather key holder "doco demo key holder". You can remove the Nasukan from the key ring and take a doco demo. ?Domestic production? Skilled craftsmanship is made every day in Bunka Studio in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture every day. In order to maintain high quality all processes from production to inspection and shipment of products are carried out in-house. ?Pursuit of fun? Bunka's leather goods started not with a practical bag or belt, but with the desire to create "fun accessories even if they are impractical". ?Unique Construction Method? We developed our own "Technique to three-dimensionally process leather" including design of blades, molds and others. Techniques that can only be done by handmade "Create rounds and keep them round for leather" and its unique construction method that thoroughly sticks to all processes are all original in the company and can be managed everywhere It is not. [Leather story] Natural leather + solid mascot with warmth unique to handmade. It is "leather story (our registered trademark)" that the taste familiar with familiar leather comes out as much as you have it.

(Handmade of craftsman made in Japan) leather key ring demo scooter anywhere VANCA CRAFT (Japan import / The package and the manual are written in Japanese) - B00BQ8DYRG

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